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The better care you take of your hammock the longer it lasts
and the less maintenance it requires. Here’s a practical guide to making it last.


  • always set up according to instructions

  • store in a cool, dry place when not in use

  • keep it clean and wash it if needed

  • keep the cords untwisted

  • when tightening the loops pull the line towards the hammock, not towards the carabiner (less friction and less stress on the bury)

  • always nicely roll the cords before storing to avoid tangles

  • make sure the tree straps are not wrapped around sharp objects (nails, rusty edges, sharp rocks)

  • when putting the tree huggers in the bag, roll them starting from the loops (labels in the centre of the roll)

  • keep the bag on the suspension system when pitching the hammock

  • avoid prolonged sun exposure (both for yourself and the hammock)

  • avoid drinking and eating inside your hammock (or do it carefully)

  • don’t overtighten the suspension, more tension

  • don’t drag on the ground - especially through thorny plants/mud

  • avoid sharp objects (keys, knives, garments) inside the hammock

  • don’t put dirty boots on the fabric

  • don’t smoke ciggies inside your hammock (it’s yuck anyway)

  • keep away from fire (embers/radiating heat)

  • avoid exceeding the weight limit and swinging like a maniac


Full washing

If the spot is really big or you want to refresh the fabric, use a tub with warm water and a little bit of mild detergent and hand wash it. Air dry and store as usual once completely dry.

Minor stains

Gently scrub off the dirt with a wet sponge.
You can use a mild detergent if necessary.

❌ Do not use strong detergents or softeners.

❌ Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

❌ Do not bleach.

❌ Do not iron.

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